“…Yes, your book is quite different and very special from others for these reasons: 1) It has been beautifully illustrated by a great artist; 2) in matching the text with the images; and 3) it contains a complete sequence of the apparitions as they are described in the “Nican Mopohua”, the native Mexican Indian (Náhuatl) original account of the Story.  You have made an excellent work of this edition, which summarizes the main points of the Story, and have presented it in a very attractive and accessible manner for children, the young, and adults as well. ... as compared to other books, which only give simple accounts, in plain words, with very few or no illustrations at all, & not giving explanatory notes. ...”   

                   Felipe Pietrini-León


       “Thank you so much for an autographed copy of The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe Empress of the Americas. The book is attractive and easy for young people to read. The story of Our Lady's visit to our continent is told with simplicity. It draws one to devotion. The illustrations, taken from the paintings by Jorge Sánchez-Hernández, convey the beauty of the Mother who came to guide us to her Son. They also depict the holiness of her messenger, Saint Juan Diego. May God bless and reward you for the work you have done to make His Mother better known."             Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop of St. Louis

        "It’s hard to describe the beauty of your book. It is excellent. Our Lady and Juan Diego are very life-like. Your book and Jorge Sánchez-Hernández’ paintings makes them truly come alive. It’s a great book for adults, too! I have never been so moved at the unfolding of an apparition as I have with this one. It captures the event extremely well. It makes it quite believable! Our Lady is very inviting and approachable which is what our current generation needs to re-awaken and re-evangelize our Catholic people! 

         "I found your book easy to read and appreciated the clarificaion as to the history involving Spain and Mexico and was thrilled to learn of the Monastery in Spain that was Bishop Zumárraga’s own, and that the name "Guadalupe" was not even known in Mexico! I was very impressed with the description of the Bishop. … Plus, very few of us Sisters even knew Juan Diego was married and both converted. It is a great testimony to marriage and the courage it must haven taken for both of them to convert, seeing as it states he was ‘one of the few natives who converted to the Christian faith.’"      Sr. Margaret Ruth Mary, Sisters of LIfe

        "Thank you for sending me the Guadalupe books, Spanish and English versions. First of all, they are beautiful books, very well made. The art is fantastic, the story is done very well. It is really a wonderful re-telling of a well-known story in a way that makes it all seem very new."    B. Hickey, San Francisco, California

 Letters from Children

          Children have responded to The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas, with intense interest and wide-eyed fascination. Following are excerpts from letters written by children to whom the author had read the manuscript long before it was published,  which greatly encouraged her to publish.

The first three excerpts are from children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder:

 “Very simple to read.  With help, I was able to sound out words.  Meanings are easy to understand.  Liked the book, liked the pictures.  Good story, not boring.  Good Catholic book.  Mary is very pretty and I liked Juan Diego.”  Amanda, 10 years.

“This is better than any other religion book, because religion books are boring, but not this one.  Can I have a copy?”  Scott, 11 years.

“Good, never knew what was going to happen next.  Couldn’t wait to turn the page, always had to read on.  Didn’t fall asleep during it, like I usually do when I read by myself.  Would like an autographed copy if published.  The characters are very interesting and I liked the action.”  Matthew, 12 years.

The next letter is from a second grade class, St. Daniel's Catholic School, Chicago Illinois:

"Thank you for visiting our class.  We learned that Mary appeared to poor people or children.  This time she appeared to Juan Diego.  We liked the part where the Bishop held his breath.  The pictures are beautiful and we would like a copy of the book.  Mary never leaves us and She loves us.  Love from the children in room 110.”