About Miranda Pro, LLC

     “Miranda Pro” is taken from the latin “Miranda Prorsus,” the title of an encyclical letter by Pope Pius XII on “those wonderful inventions,” dealing with communications. At the time it was written it referred mainly to television and radio, but now it extends to a wider range of communications technology. 

     What we feed our intellect has a profound effect on our spirit. To read, watch or hear a good story is so nourishing to the soul. When what we read, watch, and hear is based on falsehoods, fear, violence, illicit pleasures of all kinds, the soul is left empty, wasted, dissipated – a momentary pleasure which leaves one restless. My choice of the name Miranda Pro came from a desire to bring the reader something that enhances, ennobles and nourishes the soul. The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a true story, and one that had a profound effect in my own life experience, which I wish to share with my readers.